we grow with the future!

At ADIRA, we're always ready to take on new challenges, we adapt and we grow with the future. We focus on technological leadership and constant innovation. Our universe changes with the world of each client!


crescemos com o futuro!

Na ADIRA estamos sempre preparados para novos desafios, adaptamo-nos e crescemos com o futuro. Apostamos na liderança tecnológica e em inovação permanente. O nosso universo evolui com o mundo de cada cliente!


for improvement always

We are a global supplier of engineering solutions for sheet metal processing industries. Every day, we make the commitment to innovate and improve all our equipment in order to augment our clients’ manufacturing processes.


para melhorar sempre

Somos um fornecedor global de soluções de engenharia para as indústrias de processamento de chapas metálicas. Assumimos, todos os dias, o compromisso de inovar e melhorar todos os nossos equipamentos, de forma a melhorar os processos de fabrico dos nossos clientes.


Our history

António Dias Ramos founded ADIRA, located on Rua António Bessa Leite, in Porto. The company remained at these facilities for many years. Lathes and milling and planing machines were produced with just 5 employees, working in an area of 400m2.

The company expanded to include the manufacture of machinery for sheet metal work.
– First mechanical shears manufactured in Portugal.
– First hydraulic press brake manufactured in Portugal.
– Set up of the Studies Office.
– First participation in an international trade show and the start of exports.
– First fully hydraulic down-acting press brake.

Development and technological refinement of mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic machines.
– Beginning of partnership with the University of Porto's Faculty of Engineering..
– First hydraulic press brake with hydraulic synchronisation and numerical control.
– Beginning of exportation to England, Germany and Japan.

The era of digitalisation and large-scale exportation.
– Development of the first 2D and 3D graphic controllers.
– Beginning of exportation to the USA, Australia, and the Middle East.
– Safety certification for the machinery exported to France and Sweden.
– First steps towards automation: front feeders, sheet metal handling and storage systems.
– New OXISOL factory in Vila Nova de Gaia: oxy-fuel cutting and angle grinding; supplying frames.

Computer assistance and CE safety certification.
– Project for investment in innovation and modernisation: high-tech equipment, renovation of layouts, new internal organisation and introduction of new information technologies: CAD, CAM, Intranet.
– First European producer to be certified to ISO 9000 and the first in the world to have CE certification for all its products.
– Press brakes with automatic bend allowance systems.
– Shears with anti-torsion system.
– Diversification of markets to include the Far East, Oceania and Spain.
– Acquisition of our main national competitor, Guifil, a company in São Mamede de Infesta.

Start of the new millennium with laser cutting machines, robots and automation.Consolidation of international presence.
– Introduction of CCL laser cutting machines and use of linear motors with DC SLAB laser resonators.
– Integration of automated sheet metal storage systems and expansion of the robotised bending cells.
– Opening of the first subsidiaries: ADIRA France, ADIRA UK and ADIRA Tech (USA).
– Strategy for gaining market share in Eastern European markets, Russia and Brazil.
– Development of a low-cost range – Guimadira.
– Sale of the company to António Cardoso Pinto.

When António Cardoso Pinto became the shareholder and chairman, ADIRA's involvement with the Dias Ramos family ended.
– Launch of new laser machine models: LE, LP and LF.
– Launch of the GreenBender, an internationally recognised and revolutionary hybrid press brake.

ADIRA is bought by the SC - SONAE Capital Industrials, SGPS, S.A., currently its sole shareholder. With this acquisition and the development of each of the existing business areas, the SC - SONAE Capital Industrials, SGPS, S.A. continues on its path towards achieving its strategic purpose and is positioned as a privileged vehicle for value creation, based on developing and leveraging Portuguese competitive advantages.

Shaping the Future. The start of a new business phase. ADIRA takes a more competitive and forward-looking stance, s investing in Additive Manufacturing and made-to-measure solutions for each customer. Offering a broader range of services and solutions, allied with digital transformation and restructuring, ADIRA is embracing the challenges of the future more efficiently and successfully.


Partner Companies

At ADIRA, we innovate our technology with the help of our partners. We adapt to their needs and ensure that we grow together in an increasingly competitive market. With over 60 years of experience and almost 30 partners, our solutions already reach the four corners of the world. Find out where our partners are located!

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ADIRA, a subsidiary
of SC - SONAE Capital Industrials, SGPS, S.A.

On 25 July 2017, SC - SONAE Capital Industrials, SGPS, S.A. finalised its purchase of ADIRA. “This acquisition is an old dream that our engineer, Belmiro de Azevedo, had, as he had always wanted to invest in the Portuguese export industry”. Since its acquisition, ADIRA’s main challenge for the future of the metalworking sector has been equipment innovation for sustainable efficiency. Using a simple methodology, ADIRA’s goal is to always be alongside its clients, growing with them too! The goal is to take advantage of the opportunities our clients bring to ADIRA so that we can offer tailored solutions for the needs of each company. This is why we work with the same enthusiasm and commitment as our clients.


ADIRA Parte integrante
da SONAE Capital

No dia 25 de Julho de 2017 a SONAE Capital concretizou a compra da sociedade ADIRA. Sendo que "a aquisição corresponde a um sonho antigo do engenheiro Belmiro de Azevedo, que sempre quis apostar na indústria exportadora portuguesa". Desde a sua aquisição, o grande desafio ADIRA para o futuro do setor metalomecânico é inovar os equipamentos para serem eficientes, de forma sustentável. Com uma metodologia simples a ADIRA pretende estar sempre ao lado do cliente, crescendo também com ele! O objectivo é aproveitar as oportunidades que os clientes dão a ADIRA, para que esta consiga oferecer soluções à medida da necessidade de cada empresa. Por isso trabalhamos com o mesmo entusiasmo e empenho dos nossos clientes.

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ADIRA is constantly developing and reinventing itself. Our team is constantly acknowledged as being a professional, motivated and dynamic team. In order to guarantee the commitment to continue exceeding the expectations of our partners, we invest in the development of our staff. Take a look at our vacancies or send us a speculative application.

Junta-te a Nós

A ADIRA está em desenvolvimento e reinvenção permanente. A nossa equipa é reconhecida, todos os dias, por ser uma equipa profissional, motivada e dinâmica. De forma, a garantir o compromisso de continuar a superar as expectativas dos nossos parceiros, investimos no desenvolvimento dos nossos colaboradores. Consulta as oportunidades em aberto ou envia-nos a tua candidatura espontânea.

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