Adira AC Add Creator

    This revolutionary method is based on a movable process chamber which efficiently ensures all the conditions required for the LPBF process, with an area much smaller than the powder bed. Each layer is divided into tiles which will be processed sequentially by the movable process chamber.

    Apart from being able to carry out extra-large projects, using far more parts at once than a conventional LPBF machine, this method allows the parts to be built in a size that simply would not be possible with other machines.

    Given its modular, scalable design, the only limit is your imagination.

    Movable Process Chamber

    The Movable Process Chamber was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the LPBF process in the TLM method. This includes atmospheric conditions with a minimum concentration of O2, efficient removal of condensates from the fusion process, and the precision and stability of the optics system.

    Build volume

    The ADIRA AC AddCreator has a maximum build volume of 1000x1000x500 mm3.


    The processing area is covered by a system of 4 lasers, with partial overlapping. This allows for greater productivity for large items.

    Removable powder bed

    The ADIRA AC AddCreator has a removable powder bed which allows for minimal downtime between builds.

    Automated powder circulation

    The ADIRA AC AddCreator has internal powder recirculation and sieving to ensure maximum productivity and to minimise operator contact with the powder.

    Independent layer applicator

    An independent layer applicator allows for faster recovery cycles, ensuring uniform deposition of the layer.

    Proprietary TLM software

    ADIRA has developed a software module that complements the commercial LPBF pre-processing solutions most commonly used in the TLM process.

    Powered by Fraunhofer ILT

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is a world-leading research institute in laser processing technologies and ADIRA's main research partner for TLM technology.