This revolutionary method is based on a movable process chamber which efficiently ensures all the conditions required for the LPBF process, with an area much smaller than the powder bed. Each layer is divided into tiles which will be processed sequentially by the movable process chamber.

    Apart from being able to carry out extra-large projects, using far more parts at once than a conventional LPBF machine, this method allows the parts to be built in a size that simply would not be possible with other machines.

    Given its modular, scalable design, the only limit is your imagination.


    The on-the-fly feature eliminates the idle time for moving the process chamber between tiles. In fact, there are no tiles anymore as the laser continues processing as the process chamber moves through the powder bed.

    Exchangeable Tables

    With the exchangeable table system of AddCreator, the processing of the next build can start just a few moments after the last job was finished:

    No time waiting for the part to cool down
    Easier operations for cleaning and extraction of part as it can be done outside of the machine
    Faster and easier cleaning of the machine between builds.

    Multi-Laser System

    The use of the multi-laser system of Adira allows to increase the speed of processing up to 5 times. In a fabrication process where the majority of time is spent in the scanning stage, productivity skyrockets! The scanner arrangement was carefully selected to optimize productivity for the most possible cases (all-rounder). The line arrangement allows for more than 50% overlap between scan fields, an extremely important feature to balance laser workload and heat input distribution.

    Auto-Powder Management

    Besides the usual manual vacuum and machine cleaning, all powder management operations in AddCreator are automated in a closed-loop system. Sieving, storage, conveying, dosing, delivering and re-coating are all fully automated.

    Auto-calibration routines

    AddCreator comes with an integrated optical vision system specially design to aid the operator in the process of calibration of scan fields. With a few easy steps, this system allows calibration operations to take place onsite, avoiding extensive machine downtimes.

    Manufacturing Process

    The integrated vision-system in AddCreator gives the opportunity for the machine owner to further analyze the distribution of the fumes of the process.

    Proprietary TLM software

    ADIRA has developed a software module that complements the commercial LPBF pre-processing solutions most commonly used in the TLM process.

    By-products removal

    The AddCreator process chamber was carefully designed to handle the process by-products. A gas flow stream with very particular properties, efficiently removes fumes and ejected particles with no impact on the powder layer.

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