Blue Bender

Equipped with a Hexa-C frame, which ensures precision in guiding the movable ram, this fully electric machine, powered by the Bluedrive system, is capable of faster bending and, at the same time, allows energy savings thanks to its economical operation.

  • Supplied with all optional extras and accessories, this machine is the way forward for your bending solutions!
  • Available in two standard models ranging from 35 to 50 tonnes and 1.5 to 2 metres.

Galeria 360
BB - Front view
BB - Side View
BB - Side View
BB - Back View
BB - Front view BB - Side View BB - Side View BB - Back View

High Productivity

No need for stoppages when changing the bending speed, thereby considerably reducing cycle time.

High acceleration and deceleration ramps.


Off-centre bending, enabling load distribution

Reduction in the number of bending phases

Pre-loaded guidance system to maintain off-centre bending.

High Precision

Incredible precision in stopping the movable ram +/- 0.002 mm;

Hexa-C frame: high precision in off-centre bending, maintaining the advantages of the C frame;

No torsion is transmitted from the frame to the part in multi-station bending;

Energy consumption ratio in the region of 40-60% when compared to hydraulic press brakes.

Simple and Sustainable Technology

Bluedrive: Fast, Precise, Simple and Clean;

Range of heavy-duty servomotors;

Low mechanical complexity, simplifying maintenance tasks;

High-performance spindle with high load capacity – 25,000 hours of useful life (maximum load, 50% work cycle);

Automatic lubrication, equipped with an automatic electrical lubrication unit.

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