Hydraulic Shear

    The ADIRA GV range of hydraulic shears are robust and reliable, characterised by their vertical cutting blade and variable angle. They can handle sheet metal measuring 3 to 6 metres (or longer), with thicknesses of between 16 and 25 mm. There are also a wide range of accessories and optional extras, increasing their flexibility of use.


    • 4-edged upper and lower blade
    • Little or no torsion demand on the frame and blade holder
    • Standard 410-mm arch and possibility of special arches;
    • Cuts thicker sheets (between 16 and 25 mm)

    Main Features

    • Robust back gauge with movable positioning, allows rotation for retraction. Guide;
    • Adapts to cutting sheets of any thickness up to maximum capacity;
    • Strips are less twisted when cutting thicknesses less than nominal thickness, by using a smaller cutting angle and integration of the optional anti-torsion system;

    Optional Extras

    Support table for thin sheets

    Front arm accessories

    Automatic feed (AFX) and extraction (SEN) systems