Press Fast

The high-performance hydraulic PF (Press Fast) range is characterised by its high working speed and maximum productivity. With a wide opening and stroke, ADIRA PF press brakes not only allow for larger parts, but also integration with different automation projects (robotised cells).

  • Multi-axis back gauge and bend angle measuring systems available as an option.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • When the operator is not operating the hybrid PF, the hydraulics are also stopped as they are activated instantly by a servomotor. When the servomotor is stopped, the hydraulic system is at rest, leading to energy savings, and it's environmentally friendly too.

Galeria 360
PF - Front View
PF - Side View
PF - Side View
PF - Back View
PF - Front View PF - Side View PF - Side View PF - Back View


High approximation, bending and return speeds;

Wider Opening and Stroke.

Activation via servomotors;

Front support arm on rail with table and brushes (Standard Product);

Speed change 2 mm above the sheet metal;

High precision.

Standard machine with crowning table, Lazersafe IRIS safety system, front support arms on rail with brushes and height adjustment and 4-axis back gauge (X/R/Z1/Z2)

Main Features

Flexible, high-yield tools;

Ergonomics, Design and Safety;

Prepared for industry 4.0 (ideal for integration with robotised cells);

A Escolha Certa

Solution for customers that need a high-yield, high-performance machine;

Ability to carry out highly complex work with precision.

The right choice for maximum performance;

More efficient energy consumption;

Environmentally friendly;

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