Press Heavy-Duty

The range of PH press brakes is ADIRA's answer to the most demanding needs of our customers. With a bending capacity of up to 20000 kN and lengths of up to 8 metres (tandem solutions can handle longer lengths), this range has electric-hydraulic controls for:

  • Ram parallelism (hydraulic synchronisation)
  • Bending depth

Galeria 360
PH - Front View
PH - Side View
PH - Side View
PH - Back View
PH - Front View PH - Side View PH - Side View PH - Back View


Easy regulation of the bending depth (with the ram in loading condition for sheet metal)

Electric-hydraulic synchronisation of the movable ram (Y1 and Y2 axes)

Electric-hydraulic stoppage of the movable ram at 0.01 mm

Comprehensive programming of the bending angle

Movable ram slope programming (Y1¹Y2)

Programming work/return speeds (10-100%)

Very high approximation speed

Deep arch

Wide opening and long stroke

Main Features

Four-point guiding system, with few maintenance requirements

Assurance of adequate alignment between tools

Slope of the ram for conical bending

Dedicated DNC controls (controlling parallelism and bending depth)


The position of the ram is constantly monitored through linear guides located at the ends of the frame, mounted on separate “C” frames and connected to the DNC ensuring 0.01 mm of repeatability of ram positioning, irrespective of the tonnage, load position or oil temperature..

Optoelectronic protection system in the form of non-material barriers or a laser beam.

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