Services available for every need

More than just a supplier, we want to be your partner.

We have a comprehensive catalogue of services available for ADIRA press brakes, shears and laser cutting machines and those of the brands we represent.



Our qualified technical assistance team works closely with our customers in preventive and corrective maintenance, installation and training.

All our services are available for the entire portfolio of ADIRA machines, no matter how old they are. We extend the lifecycle of your machine, ensuring optimisation and efficiency of the production system.


Main advantages


Specialised technical support team for your after-sales needs

We provide the best made-to-measure solutions


Constantly seeking out new technologies and innovative methods


Temos disponível um vasto leque de soluções, desde contratos de manutenção a upgrades de comando numérico e segurança, entre outros. Estudamos, propomos e aplicamos soluções customizadas que permitam ao nosso cliente a otimização da sua produção.

Your profit is our success. 

At ADIRA, we have a dedicated team to answer your requests. We have standard and special tools, as well as all the consumables you need for your machine. Tell us what you need and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

ADIRA products and services are designed for 4 types of machines: Press Brakes, Shears, Laser and brands represented by ADIRA.