Corrective Maintenance

Diagnosis and repair

Supply of original parts

Development of technically tested alternative solutions.

Corrective Maintenance Benefits

Presentation of solutions that ensure correct operation of machines; for example, for machines that are more than 10 years old, the supply of parts is always ensured for their proper operation

Certified technicians with experience in all kinds of machines, irrespective of the year of manufacture

Preventive Maintenance

Checking and inspecting all machine circuits

Equipment safety inspection in accordance with Decree-Law 50/2005, of 25 February;

Changing oil and filter

Checking operation of the electrical distribution board and other electrical components;

Checking hydraulic circuit operation
Checking pneumatic circuit operation

Checking numerical control operation

General tightening of machine components

General machine lubrication; General tuning;

General tuning

Testing safety components;

Checking the condition of the tools

General machine test

Materials and consumables needed for preventive maintenance.